At ten the next morning, Genia had two of the shirt styles ready for me to try on. One of them is below. (Pardon my makeup-less face! I was hurrying to upload pictures before the internet connection disappeared in our hotel room and didn’t have time to crop.) Genia waited to see where I wanted the button holes, so those are straight pins holding the shirt together.

For a review, here’s the photograph I gave them. They didn’t understand from my drawing that the belt was supposed to be sewn into the side seams, so I decided not to bother with it. Since I decided not to push for the belt, I asked them to make shirt tails because they’re more slimming than straight across.

The seamstress used princess seams and side bust darts. This is not a stretch fabric, so I was impressed with the fit. It’s one of the few times I’ve appreciated princess seams–no puckers, and the apex sat right at my apex. However, it’s so fitted that it almost looks bra-like in this picture, doesn’t it? It’s better in real life, but it is almost like a bra cup over the bust. I noticed when I wore the shirt for the first time last Thursday that certain movements caused the “cup” to shift above my bust, so I had to pull my shirt back down. Do you think this just comes with the territory?

I thought the back fit fine, but Genia wanted to take it out at the hips a little bit so that it would fall smoother.
She asked me to come back the next morning for another fitting where she made a few more tweaks. I’ll sum up the final results for you tomorrow. (Nothing after the jump.)