Thanks to my new smart phone, I can now present you with fashion examples from the woman on the street–or in this case, the subway. This woman on the 1 train last Thursday is probably only a C cup, but the way the band beneath her bust creeps up into boob territory makes the dress look a little too small.
Would I buy this dress if it only creeped up this much? You bet! I’d be thrilled that a woven (not knit) empire waist almost sat beneath my bustline. On a hot summer day, this woman looked crisp and stylish with her asymmetrical haircut, orange bag and long necklace.

Corporette recommended this dress last Friday.

I’d be very curious to see how it looked on the single reviewer on the Zappos site who said she was large chested. Perhaps I’ll give it a try and let you know. I’d rather have sleeves, though, and this print is less flattering than the vertical lines on the dress at the top.

What do you think of empire waists? I usually avoid them*, but I really liked the dress at the top. Maybe the pleated ruffles somehow kept it from looking like a maternity dress.

*You can see a little bit of the one I wore last summer here. I didn’t get any compliments, and it felt like I was all bust.