We return to the U.S. tonight, and I have so much to share with you when I get back. I give my business plan pitch on Thursday afternoon, however, so blogging will have to wait until that’s over. Fortunately, I’ve had one of my shirts made over here for me to wear to the pitch. I’ve also bought some gorgeous cultured pearls to wear with it that I can’t wait to write about.

Meanwhile, in the States:

  • my tailor has been finishing the alterations on my Carissa Rose and AJRumina shirts
  • the Moi Meme shirt that I ordered should be waiting for me in the mail, and
  • I have an appointment to try on my Tom James shirt Friday.

I’ve also tried the Panache tankini that I bought for our trip, so look for a review of it soon.

Now it’s back to preparing for my pitch and trying to calm the nervous feeling that’s growing in my stomach. (Nothing after the jump.)