Since I’m about to take an international flight, this editorial title in [today’s/Friday’s] Wall Street Journal caught my eye: “Invasion of the Full-Body Scanners“. But instead of being about airport security, it’s about my favorite subject–body measurements!

I think I’ve mentioned before that Brooks Brothers has a 3-D scanner in its NYC store, but it’s not for women. This supports a friend of mine’s opinion that Brooks Brothers hates women. [refer to my Brooks Brother’s experience] And the experience of the editorial writer’s wife at Victoria’s Secret supports the general opinion that Victoria’s Secret is indifferent to women.

As my wife discovered, Victoria’s Secret in SoHo has yet to create a wow experience to accompany its scanner. She stepped from the plush, pink fitting room into a black closet, and as the lights flashed a recorded voice assured her that the scan’s measurements would result in the best-fitting bra she ever had; “Body Match” is the company’s name for the scanning process. She was then handed a card listing six off-the-shelf items, which the salesgirl dutifully brought to her. Two fit, one fabulously.

Same technology, different experiences. My wife and I wound up at the opposite poles of the bespoke and made-to-measure divide, and in terms of customer appreciation. Her experience lacked the luxe appeal of a Parisian lingerie salon or the sensitive hands of an experienced fitter; it was less Disney than airport or doctor’s office.

Sometimes, customer experience has to be integrated into a technology for it to succeed. Otherwise, the numbers just don’t add up.

I know Victoria’s Secret doesn’t carry my size, but I’m dying to try their Body Match technology. Is there a D or DD out there who shops at VS and would give it a try??

Dawn Verbrigghe at cares about women, and if you live in the vicinity of a Unique Boutique, you can have a body scan for made-to-measure clothing, not just a bra.

Victoria’s Secret Lingerie “Body Match”
591-593 BROADWAY
NEW YORK, NY 10012