I was excited when Amy emailed me to say that she’d found a good button down shirt at Club Monaco and even more excited when she wore it to show me. In this picture, it looks pretty good. In person, I’d say it was just a 3 on my Gap-O-Meter, and Amy wore a cami beneath it for good measure. I love the sleeve details and the darts. For your own shopping, keep in mind that Amy wears a 32F and is 37″ around her bust when wearing a bra. See her summary below the pics.

  • I have it in a Medium. The sales girl warned me that it runs small and to size up.
  • I love that it’s short sleeved and therefore not so hot under a blazer.
  • It has a narrow collar, which is cute now, but may not be fashionable in the winter
  • It’s long enough to stay tucked in! Huge plus!
  • All the darting at the waist helps the wearer actually look like she has a waist, but could be a deterrent if the wearer didn’t want as much attention drawn to the waist.
  • The buttons are discreet. We don’t need any extra attention being drawn to that region!

I really value Amy’s opinions and am looking forward to more from her on this blog. She was the final straw in my deciding to get better fabric for my shirts than what I had originally settled for.
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