My heart fell in love with this sweater last Friday, but my head said to remember my no boat neck rule, so I didn’t buy it. Many times I’ve thought something was perfect in the dressing room, only to glance in the mirror later and wonder, “What was I thinking?” So what do you think? May I go back and buy this sweater? (If I do, I’ll also buy this amazing camisole that Lisa Cole introduced me to . . . look for a review on it sometime soon. You don’t even have to wear a bra under it.)

On the other hand, V-necks always flatter large-breasted women–unless something else about the design messes them up. See an example after the jump.

I adore the colors, neckline and sleeves of this top, but the gathers at the bust scream “Look at my boobs!”, and the empire-ish waist screams “Plus size!” Do you agree, or am I just being paranoid? I really need some new tops in my closet.