Just a few observations gleaned from Jezebel pictures of the Oscars last night . . .

This is what I was talking about having fun creating designs that highlight our breasts! One commenter called the swirls “purple cinnamon rolls”. I’d love to see a busty woman in this dress. How do you think it would look on you?

Miley Cyrus is cute, but Morgan Freeman’s date gets all my attention. Here’s a woman who doesn’t need any swirly cinnamon rolls to highlight her assets. I hate what I can see of the neckline (as you know, I prefer scooped or V), but I love the color.

I also love Sherri Shepherd, but her dress disappointed me last night.

It’s nice, but she’s capable of “wow”. She looked better in the everyday dresses that I posted here and here. The color has something to do with it, too.

What did you notice last night?