1. My favorite quote in Dorothy Rabinowitz’s review of Parenthood today:

To show heady accomplishment that will bring no real happiness, every TV writer knows, it’s necessary only to make the character a corporate lawyer.

2. In yesterday’s WSJ, Christina Binkley said that pantsuits and “matchy-matcy” styles are back. Yay. When my shirts are ready, you’ll have something to look great under your jackets. And I’m all for the way that “matchy-matchy” gets me dressed quickly in the morning.

3. An article in today’s WSJ discussed how some fashion labels like Diesel are using teams of anonymous designers in place of the single fashion artist. The designers rank below the business executives and create based upon studied trends. If this makes for more wearability, then great. However, it may also lead to more uniformity, which is boring. Fashion by committee doesn’t sound very daring. (Nothing after the jump.)