My new fit models are great. They’re as passionate in their search for what works for full-breasted women as I am. Here are three things I’ve learned from them this week:

1. has a great Customer Reviews section for each bra on their website. Sometimes professional bra fitters contribute to this section, and the manufacturers themselves will respond to a customer’s concerns. As of today, the Panache Tango II 3251 has 254 comments.

2. Call me naive, but I didn’t realize that most of those tiny-waisted models who look like they’re at least a D cup are wearing chicken cutlets! I learned this from one of my incredibly fit fit models. Those lingerie ads always made me wonder why the agencies couldn’t provide me with larger-busted fit models. Now I know.

3. It’s worth your time to visit Victoria’s Secret inventory clearance sales. They pull from their resources of thousands of returns at thousands of stores over the years. You never know what you’ll find. My 34D fit model wore a beautiful balconette yesterday from one of these sales. Unfortunately, you won’t find anything above a DDD at VS, sale or no sale. (Nothing after the jump.)