When I see this trend promoted, it brings to mind tiny bra looks like these from Vogue, which, as far as I know, no one designs for a DDD.

However, we do have options with corsets, like the Grenier and Jacci Fredenberg corsets I reviewed last year. I’ll post more as I discover them. We can also follow the trend with slips, camisoles and stockings, but I don’t think anything is as pretty as a delicate, lacy bra. It made me sad to have to cover my black and pink Freya Arabella with a shirt on Valentine’s Day!

I’m more talk than action, though, and judging from the responses to this post on The Lingerie Post, I’m not the only one with reservations about over-exposure. I like the advice from next month’s InStyle magazine on how to make this trend work for you:


Best for intimate dates or celebrations, one bit of transparency worn with tailored pieces will kill in public. If choosing two or more elements, have dinner at home and add bed-head hair and dark eyes.

And much as I adore Christina Hendricks, I do not think that the vintage bustier that she wears in the left photo of this NY Magazine article works for outerwear. It’s way too underwear-y. The corset on the right looks great, from what I can see of it–I think the editors just wanted an excuse to show her cleavage!