As I wrote yesterday, I’m posting a little bit of this and that while I go through another Waiting for Inspiration period for things to write about for my blog topic.

You’ve probably encountered several ideas for a fresh start in the new year. Lingerie stores have been tweeting and emailing customers to (1) weed out old bras and (2) resolve to hand wash regularly. Two good ideas. Some also encourage you to use their special detergents for the hand washing. Not necessary, as I discovered last September.

I’m on top of the bra weeding but not sock weeding. I’m finding too many hole-y and single socks as I rush to leave the house lately. It’s time to take inventory and fill in the gaps.

Yesterday, I also put my special hand washing detergent to good use by washing my winter scarf for the first time in two years. It wasn’t just my imagination that it was starting to look dingy. It took four rinses before the water ran clear!

I like my two simple little spring cleaning projects. What little spring cleaning projects are you thinking about? (Nothing after the jump.)