Don’t forget this post when the weather turns warm. I’m bummed that I’m not in the market for a new swimsuit yet–my old suit is still looking great. But if any of you try the following options (or one of the options I posted last April), please let me know.

First, I hear great things about Malia Mills, and I love their philosophy:

It’s vital to liberate women from feelings of inadequacy that accompany the struggle to find a suit that fits. It’s imperative to show women that if a suit doesn’t fit, it is the suit that is flawed, not the body. A swimsuit should represent sun and fun not fear and loathing!

Amen! I also love their website’s use of real women. Very affirming.

I get the impression that Malia Mills has been doing this long before the October and January issues of Glamour and V came out. The Jayne suit above goes to an E cup and costs $315. I’ve posted two of the bikini tops I like after the jump.

My friend Liz emailed me about Aerin Rose swimwear last week. I really like this one-piece (I’m a one-piece kind of girl), and it’s on sale for only $79.20.

Even without the sale, these suits cost a lot less than Malia Mills. However, I find the sizing confusing. They advertise up to a G cup, but every non-plus suit I clicked only went to a D/DD.

Here are two of the Malia Mills bikini tops I like. I also like Clamoring for Cleavage mini corset on their blog!

This is called the Triple D-Light. 🙂 It goes to a 36F and costs $190. Both of these tops have boning on the side, and the Triple D-Light has underwires.

This is the Bettie. It goes up to a 38DD and costs $145-$165.