I am. Even though I vowed to fasten my bras in the back after Carissa Brown posted “How to Put on a Bra” last March, it didn’t take long to revert to my fasten-in-front-twist-to-the-back habit.

Yesterday, I met a woman who took away the guilt: Lisa Cole of Upliftingthegirls.com. (Gail Hanny, the best Doncaster rep in the world, arranged for the two of us to meet, and I can’t thank her enough.) I have so much more to write about Lisa, but here’s the first piece of her advice that I want to share: It’s okay to do the twist. The key is to bend over and drop into your bra even after hooking it in front and pulling it around to the back.

So no need to get into a twist about being a twister, although we may need to buy bras more often because of the extra stretch we subject our bras to.