Yes, Virginia, there is a bra size larger than 32DD. More important, there are companies who manufacture them. For help finding the best 32 band bras with fuller cups, I turned to Monica from The Wizard of Bras, the same resource for that great chart I posted last week. You can find each of her recommendations–and more–here.

I. Seamless, Everyday Options

According to Monica, “the most comfortable by far is the Anita, but it only goes to an H cup.” (You know you’re in good hands when a fitter cautions you that a brand only goes to an H cup!)

For a lower cut style, she steers her customers to the Panache 3376 (lined) or the Fantasie 4520 (not lined). Each of these goes a cup higher than the Anita.

II. Lacy or Pretty Everyday Options

The Panache 3251 goes up to a K cup. I own and like this bra. You can find my review of it here.
Monica also recommends the Freya 3510. I don’t have this bra, but I’m thinking I might have to get it. I have a lacy special occasion bra by Freya that I love.

If you haven’t already noticed, there’s one more great thing about these bras. They also fit a 30 band size! The Freya and Panache even go down to a 28.

Now that you know the options available for 32E’s and higher, you might want to add these pretty bras to your Christmas wish list!