I think I’m learning Vietnamese. I really think so. (To the tune of “Turning Japanese”.)

We’re going to Vietnam for two weeks next summer. My goal is to speak the language at at least the level that I spoke as a nine-year-old when we left in 1975. I want to look for production sources for my shirts there. I know better than to think it will all come back to me on the trip. When I visited in 2002, each time I tried to order lemonade, the restaurant brought me fish!

Mr. Campbell downloaded an introductory version of Rosetta Stone for me, and I’m recognizing certain words easily. Unfortunately, Rosetta Stone teaches the North Vietnamese dialect, so I’ll be looking into this resource as well.

In January, I promised to post a picture of me as a little girl wearing an áo dài, the Vietnamese national dress. You can see it after the jump.
I’m not sure what’s up with the expression on my face or why I have a bent hanger in my hand. The dress was a black and white cotton gingham, and my mother had one just like it.