Here’s the “Ask Teri” question and answer from yesterday’s Wall Street Journal:

Q: I am a woman who is large-chested but otherwise svelte. I prefer V-neck sweaters and avoid shirts with bold prints and chest pockets. Still, I love the chunky-jewelry trend. How can I incorporate this style, if at all? And what style/length necklace do you think is best for me?

A: The chunky-jewelry trend will work for you if you stay away from chokers or shorter necklaces and opt for midsize baubles. Choose styles with chunks of crystal or transparent smoky, faceted beads on a necklace that is about 24 inches long or more. The clear beads will look lighter than stone or wood, and they will recede. Long pendants on thin leather or silk cords will also allow you to carry off chunky trinkets. Long gold mesh chains with links about the size of a quarter are another option.

You’re right that your best silhouettes are V-necks—including wrap dresses that stay closed. Add variety with asymmetrical V-neck styles and portrait necklines—along with baby-doll styles that don’t have too much gathering. Steer clear of surface embellishments that add bulk above the waist, including bows, ruffles, oversized buttons or too much ruching. With shirts, avoid gaping buttons by picking shirts that are loose or have a bit of stretch. And, of course, a great-fitting bra is fundamental for women of all sizes.

My reactions after the jump.

First, I wonder why chokers and shorter necklaces are off limits? I’ve seen them work well on women who are large-chested but tall and with long necks. Even for short women, it seems that a choker would draw attention up from the bust to the neck and face. On the other hand, a choker can also bifurcate a busty woman at the neck and have the similar effect as a boatneck by running parallel to her bustline.

Second, why even go for the bulky look if you must limit yourself to clear beads that appear to recede?

Third, what is your opinion of the recommendation to wear “baby-doll styles that don’t have too much gathering”? I look pregnant in baby-doll styles. On the other hand, the DD cup woman ahead of me in line for the Thomas Pink giveaway wore a jacket (double-breasted, no less!) with an empire waist that looked great.

Finally, I want to consider jewelry further in future posts. It seems that as soon as I have a rule for what does and doesn’t work, I see someone breaking my rule and looking great.