I can’t help it. She showed up as the busty example in “Body Smart Holiday Dressing” in the December Oprah magazine. I agree with their advice to go with tailored over flowy clothes, but I think their admonition to avoid strapless or backless dresses is a cop out. There are some great bustiers out there that expand our options.

They also make an interesting point that the inverted pleats of this dress keep her hips looking narrow. That makes a lot of sense, but I’m surprised they didn’t also mention the flattering scoop neck. If you’re interested in a floral dress with similar features, take a look at this dress I discovered at the Doncaster showroom yesterday. My friends Gail or Lisa (gmhanny@optonline.net or lbenison@optonline.net) can tell you more about how it fits and what it looks like on.