We had a beautiful day yesterday. First was a white water rafting trip with the Caliche Rain Forest Park and Adventure Tour. The rapids were Class 3.5 and yes, we fell out once. But the water was so fresh and cool, I almost didn’t want to get back in the raft. The rapids ahead made a pretty compelling argument to do so, however.

Next, we went to the Rockland Bird Feeding Station. I never thought it would happen, but little hummingbirds actually perched on our fingers and drank from the sugar water bottles we held out for them. We could see the tiny glistening feathers on their chests and feel the wind from their wings.

Two awe-inspiring experiences in one day.

Interestingly, none of these sites had signs from the main road. And the drive over all those pot holes in a swimming suit gave me a renewed love for my underwire bras.