Just one more quote from Permission Slips before it goes back to the library. This is exactly how I feel about food, minus the diabetes to reign me in:

If I was cured of diabetes, which meant that the only side effect from overeating was getting fat, I’d drive straight to a McDonald’s and order ten number 6s. With a regular Coke, not diet. [. . . ] I have been good for so long, there would be no stopping me. Grocery stores within a one-mile radius of my home would have to hire armed security guards. Ice cream would have to be delivered by Brinks, because I would be out of my mind.

My goal tomorrow is to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. Last year we began the day with a breakfast of everything we love so that by the time dinner arrived, I could barely fit another thing in. I dutifully cleaned my plate, however, because that’s what you do on Thanksgiving, but tomorrow I start the day with Shredded Wheat. This way, I know I will feel thankful for each bite at dinner.

By the way, Sherri can fit into size 6 jeans and wears a size 10 dress. She lost four inches from her bust once she decided to take her diabetes seriously, but she’s still a DD. According to this article, when asked if she would ever consider breast reduction, she answered, “What?! No! I would never ever, ever, ever. I don’t care how old they get and how long they get, I’m going to love my boobs. I’d never get rid of them.” I heart Sherri Shepherd. (Nothing after the jump.)