As we checked into our hotel in Negril on Thursday, I checked my email to find out that our car had been towed in Queens. We needed to fax a notarized letter to the pound to give our friend permission to pay $350 to retrieve it. Friday morning, we set out to find a notary.

The search involved stops at another hotel, two banks, a closed meat shop, a post office and, finally, White Hall Early Childhood Institution and Preparatory School where a sign stated that Miss Myers, a Justice of the Peace, would only sign documents between noon and one. After waiting in the shade with sociable kindergartners on recess, Miss Myers called us into a classroom filled with tiny desks and signed our letter. The only payment she requested was a donation to a “charity bag” that she uses to help students.

Fortunately, even though a justice of the peace isn’t the same as a notary and the seal was barely discernable once faxed, the pound accepted our letter. Our friend called that night to say she had the car. (Nothing after the post.)