Last month I introduced Lisa Wexler. Not only is she an attorney and talk show host, but also a mother and author with a story we can relate to:

I was looking forward to one of the biggest days in my life- the photo shoot of the book cover for my first book, Secrets of A Jewish Mother, which is a collaborative effort with my mom Gloria Kamen and my sister Jill Zarin. Our publisher Penguin had set everything up and all we needed to do was go to the studio together and look pretty. All three of us were going to be in the same photo, so Jill came up with the idea that if each of us wore white shirts with different color tank tops, we would blend but not be identical. Mom and I loved the idea.

Jill even hired a personal stylist whose job it was to choose white shirts for each of us. I hadn’t met the stylist before, but she asked me to send photos of myself as well as my sizes. I did all of that. She assured me that she could dress me based on my photos- she said that was her job. I stressed to her that even though I am a size 8 on top, I have large breasts and wear a DDD or F cup. No problem, she said. Piece of cake.

The plan was for me to sleep at a NY hotel the night before ( I live in CT) with Mom and Jill just so we would all be organized for the morning shoot and not have any “what am I wearing stress” on the day of the shoot. I arrived at the hotel Monday night about 10:30 PM, driving in after my live talk radio show in Connecticut. There in the closet were 6 white shirts, all waiting for me to try on. Not one shirt fit around my bustline. Not one. Each was more unflattering than the next.

Can you imagine my stress? It was 10:30 PM, we were being picked up for the photo shoot the next morning, and I had no white shirt. My mother and sister? They looked great.

You know what happened? My teenage daughter Joanna saved the day. She had insisted that I pack her white blazer “just in case”. It fit me perfectly. Take a look at the cover of Secrets of a Jewish Mother [after the jump]. Guess who isn’t wearing a white shirt? Moi.

You can see more pictures on Facebook and follow the book launch through “mothersecrets” on Twitter. I’ll have a white shirt ready for the photo shoot for your second book, Lisa!