Look at this great email I received from Lila Smith at Rebecca & Drew today:
I’m a fit specialist at Rebecca & Drew, and I was referred to your blog by someone in our communications department. When I saw your photos and read your review of the fit, I just had to write to you and invite you to come in again and try a different size with me! I think we should try a long length on you, and the result will be a shirt that stays tucked into your pants AND which has a slightly lower apex around the bust. I’d also like to try again with the Soft & Smooth body shape, but in a 38DDL.

In addition, I’d love to show you some new materials we’re working with in a stretch cotton. I personally still steam them quickly before wearing them, but I do find that they wrinkle less easily than 100% cotton fabrics do.

I’m looking forward to trying Rebecca & Drew again, especially with someone who has considered the issues I mentioned in January. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. The problem is, I have a weakness for people-pleasing. If Lila is as nice in person as she comes across in her email, I know I’ll have a hard time raising any criticisms. I must be strong. Doesn’t somebody want to go in my place?