If you’re like me, you may have thought you were “ironing-disabled“. Even when I give myself an entire morning with an iron full of steam at its hottest setting, I cannot get my white woven shirts to look like a man’s shirt fresh from the drycleaner. After talking to other women at an In Good Company event last Thursday, I finally understand why: we have curves.

When one woman described her contortions to iron the various sections of a shirt, we could all relate. Women’s shirts challenge even the ironing professionals. Anna told us that it costs $11 to iron a man’s shirt in her native Australia but $15 to iron a woman’s, and at least one drycleaner in NYC charges men $1 but women $5.

Of course there always has to be one exception to the rule in any group. Paula, who is always impeccably dressed, confessed to having mastered the art of ironing her own woven shirts. Now, if a man arrives for a date in a wrinkled shirt, she immediately dismisses him as either lazy or cheap. After all, it only costs a dollar to iron a man’s shirt!