Not sure how to set this up yet, but I’d like to provide resources through more than just my posts. For instance, take the subject of bridesmaid dresses. How many of us have had to balance a bride’s wishes with our own desire to look our best in all those photographs preserved for posterity? I could (and will) write more about this in a later post, but I’d also like to have a page where you can readily find links to (or pictures of) bridesmaid dresses that look great on full-breasted women. This is one of many subjects I’d like to treat this way.

Friends last night suggested using a Facebook fan page for this. The solution I envision is something like the low-tech, wedding-planning wiki called veilfo that someone from the craigslist wedding forum put together and that has since been erased. Another possibility could be something like the Unclutterer flickr pool of workspaces. Any thoughts? (Nothing after the jump.)