I’ve been promising to write a review of my Enell sports bra for a while. The truth is, I don’t have a lot to say. It’s a good sports bra that really does its job. I discuss its drawbacks below, but from what I’ve found, it’s the only serious sports bra available for women larger than a DDD.

However, I prefer my old Moving Comfort sports bra for 2 reasons: (1) its adjustable; and (2) it’s breathable. The Enell is neither. After the past few wearings, it has seemed a little stretched out and can’t be adjusted at the straps or the band. I’m hoping my next washing will restore its original fit. I’ve washed it before but only noticed the need for a “reset” this week. (There’s also the possibility that, although I exchanged the size 3 that I originally ordered for a size 2, I really should be wearing a size 1.)

The fabric is a shiny polyester, which gives you an idea of its breathability, or lack thereof. After a hard workout, I can’t wait to peel the Enell off. That being said, I ran a few errands after going to the gym last week, and by the time I finished, I’d actually forgotten I was wearing the Enell.

When I first began wearing this sports bra, I found the front of the band irritating because it came down further than I’m used to, and the corners in front rubbed against my skin. However, after several wearings, that has softened and is no longer an issue.

Chances are, my Moving Comfort bra isn’t right for me because the band doesn’t come down low enough and the cups aren’t deep enough. If Enell could at the very least improve in the area of breathability, they might have the perfect sports bra for DDD+ women. I know it’s asking too much for it to be seamless, but I’m adding that to my wish list anyway.