Last December, I posted a series of entries about whether our button-down shirt dilemma could be solved with simple alterations. The results were mixed, but where a shirt could be saved, it was worth it. Since then, this rescued shirt has been faded by an accidental machine washing, and this rescued shirt has collected stains from my clumsy use of chopsticks (do small-chested women have the same “shelf” issues that we do when eating?).

So my shirt shortage and desire to update my wardrobe to Curvy, Classy and Confident have led me on several shopping expeditions recently. Hence last week’s declaration that dresses may be the way to go.

I found the blouse below (pictures after the jump) on sale at Banana Republic. It’s literally drowning in extra fabric, so I thought a few darts and a side zipper would do the trick. Both seamstresses I visited disagreed–so much for my new found knowledge from Kate’s dress fitting book! Instead, the second seamstress is going to put some elastic in the waist at the back. I pick it up on Friday, so we’ll see if it makes a difference.