I fell in love with this pretty little Leifsdottir top at Bloomingdale’s last week and then discovered I’d cut a picture of it in blue from a magazine a few months ago. So I must really like it.

Even if Bloomingdale’s had had it in my size, I would have been shocked if it had fit my bustline. If it did fit my bustline, you know it would be in my closet no matter what the cost. My dream is that full-breasted women will someday be able to find sheer, feminine, detailed things like this from Red Violet.

I’d never heard of Leifsdottir until I stumbled across it last week. With its name and attention to detail, I thought the brand might be German. Actually, it’s Anthropologie‘s new luxe line (the name is a Scandinavian surname meaning “daughter of Leif”). Here are two other pieces I really like.