I’m a big picture person who needs to be reminded to break things down into little steps to reach my goals, and since announcing that it’s time to fit-test my shirts, several questions have refused to let me move forward until I address them. For instance, where will I meet you? What if you’re wearing the wrong bra? What exactly do I measure?

So in addition to Marketa delivering my perfect bag to me on Wednesday (by the way, she’s having a buy-one-get-one free on her metallic linen pouches this weekend–I’m tempted to buy a few as Christmas presents. In fact, wouldn’t these be a gorgeous way to wrap a small gift for someone?), you can imagine how happy I was when she tried my size 4 and 6 shirts on in a Bloomingdale’s dressing room. The size 4 looked especially great on her except for the same pulling issue I mentioned on August 22. Even better, she let me take my time taking her dimensions and working through the measuring instructions that I had brought with me. What a friend.

I felt so encouraged afterward. Now all I need to do is practice. Any volunteers? (Nothing more after the jump.)