A car full of women stopped my friends and me on the street and asked, “Do you know where we can buy bras around here?” I proceeded to write down all my favorite bra fitters and their addresses. When I woke up, I realized I need to have a list like that to hand out at all times. Just today at lunch I met a woman who thinks she may be wearing the wrong bra. I love giving value to other women by pointing them to the most knowledgeable, gracious and helpful fitters I know.

However, I certainly won’t point any of them to the shop I found on 3rd Avenue near 84th Street yesterday. Always curious about lingerie stores and eager to find new resources, I walked in, introduced myself, and tried to engage the proprietor in conversation. Instead of the enthusiasm I usually meet, she handed my card back to me and said she just didn’t have time for this sort of thing. Yikes! If I owned her store, I would want to know about anything out there that my customers might be interested in. Now I’m dreaming about owning her store and transforming it.