As I crossed 44th Street just now on my way to the New York City Bar Association, I caught a glimpse of a woman out of the corner of my eye who would be a perfect candidate for one of my shirts. “Too bad I don’t have my fit-testing invitations ready,” I mumbled to myself, and kept on walking . . . past the City Bar, as it turns out. When I turned to retrace my steps, the woman and her male companion were passing me, and I heard her say, “I’m thinking about getting a reduction.”

How could I pass that up? I ran up to her, asked if I could give her my card, and said, “Did you just say, ‘I’m thinking about getting a reduction’?”

“Yes,” she said, with no embarrassment whatsoever. I explained what I’m trying to do and said I’d love to talk to her.

I hope she contacts me. I can put her in touch with others who have had that operation. If there are health reasons, I entirely understand, and I admit that I can even understand cosmetic reasons. But let me tell you, this woman looked like she was wearing the perfect bra, wore a sharp business outfit, and showed a great waist. I would love to get her input on this blog.

And I would love to put her in one of my shirts. No more distractions. It’s time to get serious about producing them.

(Note:  Charmaine did call, and I wrote about it here.)