I bought 63 of these beautiful red-violet colored buttons at C&C Button Inc. yesterday to use on fit-testing invitations that I plan to hand out to strangers. At first, C&C didn’t seem to have what I was looking for, but I was determined to find something there because I loved the saleswoman, Casey. She gave me her complete attention, suggested alternatives and gave me a new idea. Who can resist service like that? So it made me even happier that the last box I opened contained exactly what I was looking for.

I also ventured to Banner-WBA, a button wholesaler I learned about from the man who sold me my interfacing. Their offices had been closed the two times I’d visited them before, but this time I scored. Not only were they open, but their sales rep Shirley Deepnarine was available to give me her undivided attention. She studied my shirt, asked me questions, and gave me just the samples I needed. Even better, she got me excited about future possibilities for my shirts. Shirley has been in the button business for over 14 years and could have chosen to intimidate me with her experience. Instead, she collaborated with me. Once again, who can resist service like that?

Both of these experiences are a sharp contrast to the place where I bought the buttons for my sample shirts. Although I was the only customer in the store, no one wanted to take a break from what they were doing to acknowledge my existence!