As you may know, one of my goals is to provide national rather than only New York resources to full-breasted women. A participant on a beauty forum I like recently asked for the best place in Chicago to get a bra fitting. Someone answered “Victoria’s Secret”. I wanted to shout “NO” in all caps, but since I didn’t know the alternatives available in Chicago, I refrained. Fortunately, another reader suggested Trousseau and has even agreed to provide Red Violet Project with a review (below).

The Fitting:

The sales staff simply will not let anyone walk out of the shop without knowing how to pick the right bra, and it all starts with the proper size. On my first visit, we did a quick measurement and tried a few basic bras to determine that we were working with the proper cup and band. On my second visit, another saleswoman showed me that it was not only important to know your right size, but how to even put the darn thing on in the first place. She told me to put the underwire right underneath my breasts and then reach in from my arm pit and pull everything I thought might be fat or breast tissue into the cups. She then pointed out how to tell the difference between the two. I never knew how easy it was to avoid the too-tight strap vs. back bulge battle, or the cup-runneth-over syndrome. I’ll never again buy a bra because “it fits enough.”

The Shop:

Trousseau is a gem of a boutique if you’re not the type who shops for intimate apparel wearing Posh-Spice-sized shades and an over-sized ball cap pulled down over your shifty eyes.

When you walk in on your first visit, a friendly saleswoman will greet you and ask what you’re shopping for. If you’ve never had a professional bra fitting, she’ll whisk you into a dressing room and size you up right then and there. Once your true bra size has been determined (my first visit I learned I had been wearing bras an entire cup size too small), she’ll point out a few options and give you a few things to try. Every time you return, they’ll be able to tell you what you’ve bought there before, so they can track your favorite brands and keep you up-to-date on sales or new products from your favorite companies.

If you can handle such a personal shopping experience, give yourself a chance to take advantage of their wide selection of styles. They carry a range of items from every-day undergarments to swimsuits to bridal wear. Prices run alongside quality, from mass-produced Made-In-China laser-cut fare to handmade Italian lace.

Other Reviews:

Thanks for this helpful review! Although I couldn’t find a website for Trouseau, I found 60 more reviews of the store on Yelp, along with the picture above, so if you visit it, you should have a good idea of what to expect. And of course we’d love to hear about your experience here.

I’d also like to hear your criteria for a good bra fitting experience. I’ve had some recent experiences that have caused me to revisit this topic and will share my thoughts soon.