After a comedy of errors (the sample maker needed a yard of extra fabric because she made an extra size 10 that I hadn’t requested; the extra fabric arrived but sat at the private mailbox place for 3 days because they put the wrong box number on it so they kept telling me it hadn’t arrived), my samples were finally ready to pick up yesterday.

The verdict? Eh. I can’t see paying my asking price for this fabric. Even worse, there was a little pulling when I tried on sizes 12 and 14 just now.

I am excited, however, about contacting the women I’ve met who have said they would be willing to fit test my samples. Somehow I’ll get to the bottom of how to create the button-front shirt I want to wear. If you’re a D-DDD cup and a size 4-14, please email me if you would like to be part of my fit-testing team!