Yesterday, I finally passed the Bra Smyth store on the Upper West Side when it was open and I had time to browse. I was especially curious about the sign in the bottom of their window that said “Yes, We Have Edith Lances Bras“.

Syeda, the woman behind the counter, showed me the pictures below and explained the special features of an Edith Lances bra, but sometimes you just have to try a product on for it to make sense. Unfortunately, I was way too hot after my 15 block walk to be in the mood to try anything on, so I’m going back today, but here’s a tip for all lingerie stores: BLAST THE AIR CONDITIONER. Tepid is not good. Tepid is clammy and makes me feel cross because I’m sweaty, and the last thing I want to do is put a pretty bra on over my sweaty skin. Air conditioning is like a shower that makes the customer feel clean enough to try something on.
Over six months have passed since I began my lingerie wash experiment, which I’ll report on soon. I’m looking forward to replacing my 3 everyday Wacoal bras because I haven’t been happy with my profile in them. According to Iris, I can definitely get more lift from another brand. However, I’ve been hesitant to invest in new bras because I’ve gained 13 pounds since the beginning of 2009. I’m going to consider the pros and cons of buying bras and other clothing after a weight gain in another blog posting, but I’d be curious to hear your thoughts. Please take a second to respond to my poll above!