I. Today a woman came up to me on the street asking where I bought my side-zip pants. I told her the best source is Bluesuits. Then I got a Tweet* that Bluesuits is having a sample sale! The great thing about this sale is they’re not just sizes 6 and 8. I’m going to own those pants I love sooner than I thought!

II. You probably know from past postings that I’ve developed a soft spot for claimants appealing a denial of unemployment insurance benefits. This afternoon I attended a symposium to encourage pro bono representation of such claimants. Did you know that 90% of all claimants who appeal are unrepresented? Only one in four claimants succeed at appeal, but of represented claimants, 85% succeed. I’m ready to sign up.

III. Tomorrow is hair color day at Devachan. Time for another dose of the inspiration I wrote about in April.

*Just a reminder that my Twitter name is Redvioletdar. If you’re still resisting Twitter, you should give it a try. There really is an order to it. You control who you follow, and it won’t take over your life with inane chatter unless you want it to.