Before I continue, I’ve found a way to link my search for the perfect leather bag with resources for full-breasted women. This won’t necessarily apply to the 32D’s amongst us, or those of us who are 6 feet tall, but as a 5’3″ 36DD, I find that streamlined bags make me look put-together, and fussy bags make me look frumpy. The latter tends to take away the little of my waist that is visible beneath my bustline. I’ll develop this idea in future postings.

Meanwhile, I am so excited that Marketa is creating a version of the Soho bag in black leather for me. There can be no better way to find a bag than by working directly with a perfectionist designer who really listens to you.

We went to Global Leathers yesterday, where Yousef Rhouili helped her find the right “skin”. Afterward, I draped different bags over my shoulder at Lord & Taylor to give Marketa a sense of proportion. We talked about lining and pockets and whether I wanted a magnetic closure (I do, but Marketa pointed out that if I ever use my bag for a laptop, I might need to remove it).

I can’t wait to show it to you when it’s ready. I can’t wait to fill it with all my purse things and walk down the street with it on my shoulder.