As you know, I’m on a mission to find beautiful bras that go beyond a DDD cup, and today I discovered the Eprise line by French brand Lise Charmel. The bra cups go from D through G.* I couldn’t take my eyes off the catalog in Jamak’s showroom this afternoon. Right now she has just the Star En Fleur bra posted on her site, but stay tuned for updates from the latest catalog. The Star En Fleur is on clearance at $85, down from the regular retail price of $216.

Thinking about paying $216 for a bra (and I really might for the beautiful details I saw in that catalog) reminded me of this Best of Craigslist posting. I doubt many of us could ever be drunk enough not to notice we were leaving someone’s house braless, but I love that I can relate to this woman’s love of a beautiful bra because of the beautiful bras in my own lingerie drawer. There was a time when my lingerie drawer held only industrial strength beige bras.

*Once again, sorry H cups. But perhaps you could try a higher band size to fit the G. Please tell me if you do this and it works for you.