Unbelievably, when I tried my size 3 Enell sports bra on for the first time yesterday, it was too big. At least it seemed too big–I didn’t have the no-bounce-possible feeling I anticipated, and there was extra fabric between the band and apex. So I’ll report back after I exchange it for size 2.

Another update: I received my Bratique Helene shirts back from my seamstress a little while ago and am pleased with the alterations. Take a look after the jump–no more skirt look at the hips. According to Carissa, women with hourglass hips don’t even need these alterations.

Tomorrow I’m going to the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn. I’m excited because my friend Marketa has a booth there. She was even featured online in New York Magazine yesterday–she’s #14 in the slide show. If I could have her Soho bag in black leather, perhaps with a slightly wider bottom, I would have found my perfect leather bag.

Here are pics of my improved shirts from Bratique Helene. I wish I could post the before versions side-by-side with these pics.