Things have gotten a little too practical lately. Let’s indulge in pictures of some beautiful corsets by Jacci Fredenburg. I’m in love with these:

I met Jacci in person at an event last night, and the good news is that, although her corsets are made for B cup women, she finds they look great on women with pinup figures. Plus, she does custom orders for a reasonable fee, so you can have one made for your measurements. I want to buy my next corset from Jacci because her passion for them is so infectious. I’m not sure how much longer they can be so affordable on Etsy (I know that $115-$325 is a lot of money, but they’ll be much higher when they’re only available in luxury stores. A celebrity whose name even I recognize already owns a few).

After I saw the picture below, I spent half the afternoon looking for a flowy tulle skirt to wear with my Grenier corset. All I found were little girl dress-up tutus, but I can dream.

And isn’t this Sailor Girl corset amazing?

It’s just so great to be a woman.