Can a full-breasted woman wear the shirt I posted on March 28?

47% of you said “No way”.
35% of you said “It depends”.
17% of you said “Of course”.

I doubt that the pictures after the jump will change anyone’s mind, but I like “It depends”.

As Marketa commented: “It’s not always the clothes, rather the attitude and self assurance that they help create.” Or as the 34D saleswoman who helped me this past Saturday put it, there’s a Vavoom Factor about this shirt. She had one in her own closet that she planned to wear with a pencil skirt and heels.

In the two pictures below, I’m wearing the UK size 16 (US size 12) because they didn’t have the UK size 18, and the ruffles hadn’t been ironed out. I wish I’d taken a side picture to test Kate’s point that it depends on “how much of a ‘profile’ you’re comfortable with the ruffles adding”. My theory is that if you already have a substantial profile, people won’t be able to tell whether it’s coming from your bust or the ruffles. I could be wrong.

Below is another Thomas Pink shirt I tried because of Kate’s comment that really soft drapes might look great. Even though the shirt below is also a UK16, it actually fit.

Unfortunately, this shirt has the fatal Librarian Flaw. I could wear it to work, but I’d feel frumpy. I wouldn’t feel frumpy in the first shirt, but I’d never wear it to work, either.