Yes it is. Most of us Red Violet women are either a P (me) or an S. Take a look at the company’s 7 body shapes at to confirm.

When I first found in 2007 (through one of my favorite fashion resource blogs,, I thought it was a nice idea, but it didn’t seem to offer much. Then a friend re-recommended it to me last month. I spent some time on their site yesterday and am much more excited. Here’s what I found.

The Pluses:

1. The website design is clean, uncluttered and easy to navigate. It beats fighting your way through a Macy’s sale rack. You can search by article of clothing , complete outfit style (“modern classic”, “artistic trendy” or “romantic glam”) or designer, and you can narrow your search by body shape or price.

2. The one thing you can’t do is narrow by size. This bugged me at first because nothing I liked for a P seemed available in my size. After running through the steps to a “Personal Shop”, however, I understood why: if myShape has your measurements, the only clothing in your shape that shows up is in your size. Super convenient.

3. After clicking on an item, you’ll find succinct, helpful descriptions and can quickly get a closeup of the details by rolling your mouse over the picture. No waiting forever for an alternate image to load like you have to on

4. The models look like they came from a Dove commercial–normal women in the 7 body shapes that everyone can relate to.

5. This website is giving me fresh options for my wardrobe. Lately, I’ve saved time shopping by going for the tried and true, but I’m bored. MyShape is like a personal shopper, getting me to consider things I would normally dismiss. After all, it’s supposed to be in my size and flattering to my shape, so I should try it, right?

6. Speaking of trying things on, the free shipping and returns is a giant plus. It’s like, which I love because it’s risk-free to try something new.

The Minuses:

1. From what I’ve seen so far, there are no petites in my Personal Shop. It’s less efficient for a company to provide for larger sized petites, especially buxom petites, but this will probably mean baggy backs and shoulder seams and too-long dresses. I’ll let you know.

2. Although most style choices are spot on, a few look like they would be super unflattering (see below), but I’m willing to give them a try. Again, I’ll let you know.

The Process:

Other than taking your measurements, the process is easy. You choose pictures of styles you like, click on companies you purchase from and answer questions like “Do you like to wear necklines that show your cleavage?” The only answers to that question, by the way, are “yes”, “no” and “just a peek”. What about “sometimes just a peek” or “sometimes yes”? Don’t worry about pigeonholing yourself with your answers, however. I put sleeves as my preference but was given many sleeveless options. They even ask if you want to be shown pants that will need to be hemmed or jackets that you will need to wear unbuttoned. As a buxom petite, I answered “yes” to both since I was afraid they wouldn’t have any pants or jackets for me if I said “no”.

As for measurements, I highly recommend having a friend help you out. Even better, go to a tailor who can do everything in seconds. myShape has excellent instructions for how to measure yourself, complete with pictures. The measuring process took a lot of time for me. Let’s hope it turns out to be worth it when I order something.

Speaking of ordering, here’s my wish list:
I love the color and shape of this Austin Reed Cleobury Park Lane Plush Jacket. At $348, it’s the most expensive item on my list, but if it fit perfectly, it would be worth it. I really like the “complete your look” feature for this item. I wish they offered it for every item.

This Ravel Honeycomb Jersey Top looks very versatile, although I’m not sure about the security of the hidden snap front (or the $104 price). A hidden zipper front would be great.

At $139.90, this Tadashi dress is a great deal. Maybe I could wear it to some weddings this summer.

Yes, this will probably require Chic Peeks or a Boob Tube or a camisole, but isn’t it classy? And it’s only $68.