Usually I don’t jump into anything unless I’ve had time to make the best possible plan, but if I did that with this blog, I’d never get started. So I’m learning as I go along. That’s why somewhere at the beginning of February you started seeing photos between paragraphs instead of only at the top of the posting–I finally figured out the “edit html” tab on Blogger.

You’ll also notice that I have added an email address to my profile: Please contact me if you are willing to be part of my upcoming focus groups. The first version of my shirt will be ready soon, and your opinions are essential to its success. You don’t have to live in New York to give your feedback. I can reach out to you by email and snail mail. Also, please use this email address to send questions or comments regarding my blog entries that you don’t feel like posting publicly.

This weekend, I figured out how to use the domain name, which you can now use to reach this site. I could barely remember the original address so I knew it couldn’t be easy for anyone else. Both addresses will continue to reach this blog, however, so no worries if the original blogspot address is in your favorites folder.

You may begin to see ads in the sidebar to this blog, as I’m considering using the Adsense feature from Google. I have been hesitant to do this because (a) Google chooses which ads to place based upon search terms on a blog, so I will have very little control over who advertises; and (b) I don’t want the blog’s content cluttered by advertisements. In reading other blogs with advertising, however, I realize that I’m rarely distracted by them, and, as one commenter pointed out on, advertisements even lend a sense of legitimacyto a blog. Of course, given the subject matter of this blog, it’d be just my luck that an ad for a gentlemen’s club appears. If that happens, goodbye to Adsense.

Finally, I’m going to begin experimenting with short surveys. I may not be able to draw meaningful conclusions from their results, but they’re a fun way to hear from you. Let me know if you have any questions you’d like me to ask my readers!