I’ve spent the last 2 weeks avoiding my everyday underwires because it’s time to wash them again. The main deterrant has been forgetting which of the 3 different washes goes with which bra for my bra washing experiment. This morning, I finally looked it up.

Perhaps you, like me, have always wondered the best way to squeeze extra water from underwire bras before hanging them to dry. I’ve always been warned against wringing them out, but I confess that I cheat a little bit. I gather whatever I can at the end of the underwire and give it a little squeeze. Of course it’s still dripping wet afterwards, so my current solution is to wrap it in a towel like this: I keep going the length of the towel until it’s folded flat around the bra and then give it a couple of firm pats. If I’m in a hurry, I hang it to dry right away. If I have extra time, I’ll leave it in the towel a little while longer to soak up as much extra water as possible.

So far, this has been my best solution. My bras are dry when I need to wear them the next day. I haven’t risked washing them in the morning when I need to wear them that night, however.

Please share your techniques for drying underwires!