They’re offering major discounts on their shirts, including the ones I reviewed in the fall, with many sizes still available. Of course the only one I want to try isn’t available in my size ( It’s the popular style they began with in 2003, so I was surprised not to find it in their non-sale section. That section only has six styles, none of which I’m crazy about:

It looks like Bravissimo may be pulling back with the rest of the market . . . cutting their losses on current inventory and being cautious about what they offer next. Definitely consider taking advantage of their sale, especially since it’s just one shipping price no matter how many shirts you order.

I should update you on my recent return experience, however–it involved three trips to the post office. The first time, I simply mailed the box. Although I followed instructions and clearly marked “returned goods” on two sides of the box and on the customs form, the British government assessed Bravissimo a tax. When this happens, Bravissimo automatically returns the box to the sender rather than pay the tax, so I made a second trip to the post office to pick it up. I called Bravissimo’s customer service department, and they did offer to pay the postage for my next return attempt. On my third trip to the post office, I marked “returned goods” on all six sides of the box and photographed it in case I needed the evidence later. This time it made it, however. I received a nice email from Bravissimo last week saying I could expect to receive a refund on my credit card. When I emailed a copy of my post office receipt, they also assured me I would be refunded the postage. So maybe the only lesson from this is to mark “returned goods” on all sides of the box. If it saves you the hassle I experienced, then it was almost worth it.