I’m checking out Dirty Dolls Lingerie at the N Boutique at 114 West 116th Street. Let me know if you’d like to meet up! The event begins at 6:00, so I’ll try to be out in front at 5:45. You can find more details about the event here: http://blog.dirtydollslingerie.com/ and you can read the Daily Candy posting here (kindly sent to me by Andrea): http://www.dailycandy.com/everywhere/article/41047/Support+Group.
Right now Dirty Dolls offers three bra styles from 30C to 44DDD. They look great on their website. I especially appreciate that they’ve included an everyday bra in their line. I’ll let you know how the bras are in person once I’ve been to the event. I’ll also try to find out if they plan to offer larger cup sizes.