In keeping with my revelation that full-breasted bodies are not identical, let me introduce Shoshanna. According to her bio, she “launched her collection in 1998 because she was unable to find wearable, beautiful clothes for her body type. ‘I could never find a halter dress or strapless top that offered support for women who usually need to wear a bra,’ she says.”

Looking at her collection on or, I don’t picture myself in many of her clothes–perhaps because I’ve grown so accustomed to saying when I see these styles, “I can’t wear that without a bra.” Some of the dresses look like they’d be sack-like hanging from my DD’s (see, but I’m willing to give them a try. If I bought the jeweled strapless dress, however, it would be from Shopbop for $225 rather than $450 at Saks.

She also sells bikini tops and bottoms separately, but it looks like her tops only go as high as a DDD.

If you’ve ever tried or plan to try Shoshanna’s dresses, I’d love to post an article by you. Please let me know!