This is a size 12 shirt by Mandy Farrow at,  and I love it.
First, it fits. I look slimmer when I wear this shirt because of the princess seams and the absence of ballooning fabric around my middle. When tucked in, you can actually see that I have a waist. If it were proportioned for petites, it’d be perfect. Second, the buttons are close together to ensure no gaping, but even if they weren’t so close, I’m not sure there would be a problem. I never think about pulling or tugging when I’m wearing this shirt. Third, it’s a classic style that goes with almost everything.
My only criticisms are that the fabric is a bit stiff (although the 70/30 cotton/polyester blend doesn’t wrinkle much throughout the day) and the sleeves can be a little tight in the biceps. I’d also have shirttails (vs. straight across).
I’m thinking about trying a size 10. I need to order fast, though, because I’m not sure how many of these she has left.