I love the style of this blouse–very feminine. This is the Size 14 Really Curvy over a 38E Le Mystere Dream Tisha. I know a T-shirt bra isn’t necessary under woven fabric, but this shows how the blouse fits over the biggest possible boobage for my size (my husband says I look “pneumatic” when I wear this Dream Tisha under a t-shirt). I felt secure with the coverage and no need for a safety pin, although the picture does look like there may have been some pulling. I welcome your opinion as to whether you think the Size 14 Super Curvy is a better fit (see pics in Review 1.5).

Three negatives for this blouse:
1. the cap sleeves are tight in Size 14 but comfortable in Size 16,
2. the 100% cotton fabric is super cheap feeling and a bit see-through, and
3. there feels like too much fabric around the midrift.