Full Bust Finds from France

Somehow there’s always something new, different or better to tell you about after our visits to CurvExpo. Here are my favorite SS2017 finds from the French companies that we visited.

Aubade is finally offering a G cup!

On a pre-wedding shopping trip with my best friend in 2008, I discovered the Aubade Bahia in black. It was the prettiest bra I’d ever seen, and I had to own it even if it meant sister sizing into a 38F. However, by the end of the year I learned more about bra fit and never tried Aubade again. Until last Thursday.

Thanks to a surprise conversation with an Aubade rep, I discovered that Saks Fifth Avenue (oh how I wish that were an affiliate link) is the one store in New York City to carry the one Aubade style that currently comes in a G cup . It’s called the “Bahia Couture Comfort Demi Cup for Full Cup Sizes“. The 32G fit me perfectly.





Let me know if you’ve found otherwise, but from my experience with French demi cups, it is necessary to size up in the cup. I mildly quadraboobed in the 32F that I tried, and the band was very stretchy, so I didn’t want to try the 34F. However, if Aubade comes out with 3/4 and full cup styles for G cups, I will try the 32F again.

Why is Aubade beginning to recognize the full bust market? Interestingly, its core customers were in their 20’s when Aubade came out with a winning marketing campaign called “Lessons in Seduction” in 1992. Twenty-four years later, Aubade wants to retain its loyal customers who are now in their 40’s and 50’s and whose cup sizes have increased with age.

The Empreinte Cassiopee is coming out in spacer fabric!

As gorgeously delicate as the original Cassiopee is, the shape and lift are more “natural” than I prefer, and needing a cami to hide my nipples under a white shirt is a major deterrent. Now the Empreinte engineers have developed a spacer version that gives a more lifted shape and eliminates the need for layers. It took five years to create this bra, and they almost gave up when their test models kept failing to deliver a centered and lifted shape. On top of lift, shape, and headlight-hiding, this bra is practically weightless. The spacer Cassiopee will retail for US$189, the same as the lace Cassiopee. Since it isn’t as beautiful as the lace version, let’s see whether it delivers on its promises and can demand such a price. I can’t wait to find out if it does.






The Simone Pérèle demi full cup Wish goes to a G cup and is beautiful.

g cup simone perele wish

Until Erica in the collage above interrupted our appointment to tell us she was wearing the Wish in 38G, it was just another pretty bra. When Leah and I saw its lift and support on her, we had to take a closer look at the embroidered tulle cups that are reinforced with yet another layer of tulle for extra support. Erica told us that she loves wearing this bra because “Your underwear is the bar you set for your day.” It comes is 32-38G. There are two other Simone Pérèle demi full cup styles available: the Eden in a soft stretch lace below (32-36G and also available in orange), and the Celeste in chantilly lace, not pictured (32-36G).

g cup simone perele eden

Chantelle’s medium impact sports bra looks really cool.

Before we talk about the reality of sizing and support, look at how neat this compression bra is!

chantelle medium impact sports bra 1

In order to make mat exercises more comfortable, there is no hook and eye in the back.

chantelle medium impact sports bra back

Instead, you adjust it using seven loops on each side and also on the straps, which makes it super customizable for wherever you want it tight or loose.

chantelle medium impact sports bra side

chantelle medium impact sports bra side loops

chantelle medium impact sports bra side 3

The straps can also be crossed in back.

chantelle medium impact sports bra cross back

This bra is sized from S-XL. Basically someone who wears a 34B can wear the S, and someone who wears a 34G can wear the XL.

We also took another look at their high impact sports bra, which has been tested by Portsmouth University and shown to reduce bounce by 68% (compared to a woman wearing a non-sports bra). That’s actually the stability I’d expect from a medium impact bra, so if you’re sized out of Chantelle’s medium impact compression bra, you might want to take a look at their encapsulation high impact bra that fits sizes 30-42 C-H and includes a J hook.



















  1. wendybien says:

    I would love to see a full review of the Aubade Bahia! I remember years ago they did sell it in my then-size, 85E (32DD/E) but it was always a poor fit for my shape. I am so curious to see how they’ve revamped it for a full bust size range!

  2. Hi Darlene! I’ve been hibernating, but I’m trying to catch up on all the posts that I’ve missed. Are you planning a Clothing Swap again this year? I’m collecting bras & clothes.