Bravissimo Shirt Review 1.5

These are pics of the Size 14 Super Curvy (“SC”) and Size 16 Really Curvy (“RC”) over the Le Mystere and of 14RC and 14SC over a size 38DDDWacoal minimizer.

Bravissimo Shirt Review I

I love the style of this blouse–very feminine. This is the Size 14 Really Curvy over a 38E Le Mystere Dream Tisha. I know a T-shirt bra isn’t necessary under woven fabric, but this shows how the blouse fits over the biggest possible boobage for my size (my husband says I look “pneumatic” when I wear this Dream Tisha under a t-shirt). I felt secure with the coverage and no need for a safety pin, although the picture does look like there may have been some pulling. I welcome your opinion as to whether you think the Size 14 Super Curvy is a better fit (see pics in Review 1.5).

Three negatives for this blouse:
1. the cap sleeves are tight in Size 14 but comfortable in Size 16,
2. the 100% cotton fabric is super cheap feeling and a bit see-through, and
3. there feels like too much fabric around the midrift.

Bravissimo Shirts

Hopefully you’ve discovered Bravissimo by now. They have a great website ( with beautiful and practical bras and swimwear for D-K cup women. A few years ago, they came out with shirts to address the gapping issue we know so well–if a shirt fits our boobs, it’s often baggy everywhere else, and if it fits everywhere else, we hope a safety pin will keep things covered in front without looking like there’s a safety pin holding things together.

I ordered two Bravissimo shirts a few years ago but wasn’t particulary impressed. The knit top (great quality fabric) reminded my friend of the only styles available to her at Lane Bryant when she was plus-sized, so I returned it. (I had no difficulties with the return process, although I did have to pay for shipping to England.) I kept the black woven button-front shirt but never loved it. The fabric seemed cheap, and although it fit my shoulders and boobs, it was big around the middle and back, making me feel and look frumpy, and I was too lazy to take it to be altered.

Last month I decided to give Bravissimo shirts another try. I wanted to know if all of their shirts used woven fabrics of a quality similar to the black shirt, and I wanted to see if a smaller size would fit better. I dutifully measured myself in centimeters and found my numbers on their sizing chart. According to the chart, I was a size 16 and a borderline Really Curvy/Super Curvy. Based on my experience with the Size 16 Really Curvy black shirt, I decided to order three sizes in three different woven fabrics styles. I’ll have a review and pictures of those sizes and styles in my next post. Hopefully, this will save you time and the expense of returns if you decide to buy a Bravissimo shirt.

Getting Started

Welcome to my blog for full-breasted women. Here, I’d like to share resources available to women who are D and higher and get your input as I prepare to launch a line of button-front shirts for women who are D and higher and wear sizes 8, 10 and 12 (with sizes 6 and 14 to be added later). Who better than my future customers to tell me what you want?